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  • 31/12/2023
What Are the Benefits of On-Demand Staffing?

On-demand staffing offers businesses that need extra workers during busy periods an effective solution. These services provide access to a large pool of pre-vetted workers who are available and waiting in industries like hospitality or warehousing – they also charge competitive rates without upfront fees or contracts being signed. Many on-demand staffing platforms also provide […]

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10 Essential tips to select the best recruitment agency in India
  • 18/10/2022
10 Essential tips to select the best recruitment agency in India 

Finding the right talent in a highly aggressive and competitive market is a hassle. However, some of the best recruitment agencies in India employ strategic steps to provide the best talent and human resources across the country. Therefore, here are 10 points that help you distinguish the key aspects of a good recruitment agency in […]

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IT recruitment agency
  • 14/10/2022
Hiring right for the IT industry

The current state of IT recruitment in India The pandemic pushed corporate digitization to a new level and the recruitment process has seen some of the most innovative strategies to accommodate paradigms like remote and hybrid work as a mainstream aspect in the corporate sector. And this trend has greatly improved the quality of hiring […]

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executive search company
  • 18/07/2022
How is MNR Solutions different from others ?

How is MNR Solutions different from others ? The job market is on a gradual shift and the landscape is experiencing the brunt of post-pandemic pressure, not only on the industry level but also at the individual level. Many companies executed mass layoffs during the pandemic and today those professionals are finding it hard to […]

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executive search firm Executive search firm in India rpo services executive search company executive search consultants manpower consultancy in delhi staffing services in India contract staffing services staffing agency in delhi contract staffing services
  • 14/07/2022
How MNR solutions can help you get the right Talent?

In 1997, Steven Hankin of McKinsey & Company coined a term called ‘war of talent’ to indicate the increasing aggressive race of attracting and retaining employees when there were only a few workers available to replace them. Steven Hankin used this phrase in his book by the same name in 2001 and the term kind […]

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staffing agency in delhi contract staffing services executive search company staffing services top recruitment services company in india recruiting agency near me recruitment agency in noida
  • 19/05/2021
What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment process outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing business models nowadays in HR industry. It is a long-term strategy to determine critical hiring requirements. If you are interested in bringing down your cost per hire and attract the best talent available in the market, thenRecruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) activity is definitely worth considering. Although Recruitment Process […]

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executive search firms in India
  • 07/05/2021
Top Executive Search Firms in India

List Of Top Executive Search Firms in India Most top-notch organizations in India these days turn to some of the best recruitment and hiring agencies with the expectation of using their accomplished, valuable, and well-connected resources. With the expertise and professionalism of a reliable executive search firms in India . organizations want to map and hire […]

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Manpower Consultancy in Delhi
  • 23/04/2021
Manpower Consultancy in Delhi

MNR solutions is a dedicated and reputed Manpower Consultancy in Delhi in India. providing highly reliable staffing solutions while utilizing our strong network and efficient team, we provide cost effective and promising  Manpower Consultancy in Delhi . We provide an enormous platform for job seekers to explore job scopes in different niches and get hired by the reputed  […]

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