10 Essential tips to select the best recruitment agency in India .

10 Essential tips to select the best recruitment agency in India
  • October 18 2022

Finding the right talent in a highly aggressive and competitive market is a hassle. However, some of the best recruitment agencies in India employ strategic steps to provide the best talent and human resources across the country. Therefore, here are 10 points that help you distinguish the key aspects of a good recruitment agency in India so that you can hire the best talent in the industry

  1. Choose an industry-specific agency – The first step is to do a bit of homework. Look for agency offerings and make sure their services are aligned with your needs. Look for similar industries they are already serving to get a fair idea.
  1. Check agency portfolio – Look for the number of similar industries and shortlist the agencies based on the industries they serve. For example, a recruitment agency in India can serve the IT sector and the financial sector; however, if their portfolio reflects a high number of financial sector client-list, then the probability of finding good talent from that sector is often higher.
  1. Communicate your needs clearly – Know what you want and articulate it clearly to the recruitment agency. Maintain a digital and paper trail of communication and mark relevant personnel in the conversation. Define your needs clearly to create a baseline expectation as the scope of work.
  1. Due Diligence – No matter how good their promises are, you as a company or business need to do your due diligence while recruiting some of the best recruitment agencies in India. Read online testimonials, ask around, and look for existing customer reviews via mail or phone calls to assess their credibility
  1. Gauge Core experience – Know whether your recruitment agency understands the current market and your requirement. Check if they have relevant experience in the field; if they are a newcomer in the recruitment, ask about their credentials and get to know them personally as much as possible to get a fair idea.
  1. Know their process- As a part of understanding the competencies of a recruitment agency in India, it is necessary to know the steps of the recruitment process. Steps must be concise, clear, and defined and must state the final outcome with an adequate strategy to prevent a high attrition rate.
  1. Know their experience in talent acquisition – It is important to understand whether a recruitment agency in India understands your needs correctly. Finding the right talent is a difficult task and one needs to asses this aspect before hiring a recruitment agency.
  1. Track employee retention rates – Find out the employee retention rates from your relevant industry to use it as a comparative yardstick against the overall industry retention rate. This should be one of the key steps in determining the quality of talent supplied and meeting the HR requirements of an organization.
  1. Know charges against services – Get a breakdown of charges to understand what a recruitment agency in India is charging you. Shop around to get a comparison from some of the best recruitment agencies around you.
  1. Know their terms of service- Lastly, know the terms and conditions and the service offered. The service must be within a defined time frame and both parties must be aware of their offerings, charges, and participation within a binding contract.

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