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about us.

about us

MNR is a premier staffing & recruitment solution company known for “definite results”. We improve the overall productivity of companies by sourcing the right candidate through our professional search process at lowest turn around time. Over the years we have helped many companies from leading global corporations to small startups in finding right talent. What is the process of HR consulting in MNR Solutions?

The only way you can reduce employee attrition and increase employee engagement rate at your workplace is by seeking advice from experienced HR consultants. Their strategic hiring and talent mapping activities can guide your company from making the wrong choices in recruitment. HR consulting ensures that a company’s manpower serves the best interest of the business. By developing a robust Human Resources (HR) model in tandem with a company’s long-term recruitment policies, HR consultants work to make sure that an organization’s workforce is competitive and operating at a high level of productivity. The process of HR Consulting