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  • 11/06/2024
How to Write a Resume (Examples & Guide)

Approximately 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing a resume.  To make a lasting impression, you’ll need an eye-catching document that effectively showcases your skills and qualifications. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to make a resume for a job, including: What are the basic steps […]

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  • 22/04/2024
Resignation letter [+Samples & Templates]

Hire Top Talent with MNR Solutions Introduction A resignation letter is an official written communication that states your intention to leave and includes details about when and how your last day of employment will occur, along with an expression of thanks and offers of help during the transition process. An effective resignation letter requires professional […]

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  • 17/04/2024
What is Payroll?

Payroll involves handling large volumes of sensitive information. From traditional spreadsheets to automated payroll processes, payroll requires high levels of security in order to protect employee details while meeting federal and state regulations. The total amount of wages paid by a company Payroll is one of the cornerstones of running any business. A well-organized payroll can promote […]

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  • 16/04/2024
Mastering Recruitment: A Comprehensive Guide for Success

Recruitment is filling job vacancies within an organization through a review of applications, resumes, assessments, and interviews. Communication with candidates throughout this process is vitally important. Monitor performance to identify areas that need more work. This can be done by comparing input with output or reviewing employee turnover rates. Contact Us Company Name * Email […]

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What Are Human Resources
  • 15/04/2024
What Are Human Resources?

Human resources (HR) professionals are essential in keeping your company operating. Their tasks may include hiring and firing new hires, training programs, and other administrative duties. Human resources (HR) comprises the workforce of an organization, business sector, industry, or economy. Human Resources also works closely with management to craft policies that cordial employee/employer relations. HR managers are […]

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  • 12/04/2024
Why Should You Hire An Executive Search Firm

Why You Should Use an Executive Search Firm to Fill Senior-Level Positions Executive search firms can save both time and money when recruiting top talent. Their access to an expansive pool of candidates allows for faster hiring processes without unconscious bias being an issue in hiring decisions. Their process starts by undertaking an in-depth examination […]

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  • 05/04/2024
Salary Increment Letter: How to Write, Format, Examples

How to Write a Salary Increment Letter An increase of salary letter is a formal document used to request pay increases. When writing one of these letters it’s essential that it remains professional and courteous. Make sure your letter is directed towards the person responsible for making salary decisions within your team, and try timing […]

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  • 19/03/2024
Government Jobs in Mumbai

Jobs in Mumbai – Latest Job openings in Mumbai are given below. Also, we keep adding the latest Jobs & Vacancies in Mumbai Region. The job openings & Vacancies. The latest updates from nearby regions Like Kalyan, Navi Mumbai, South Mumbai, waroli, Dahisar, Badlapur & others are given here. Find Latest Job Vacancies in Mumbai  Mumbai […]

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  • 01/03/2024
How to Ask Your Manager for a Salary Hike

When asking your manager for a salary hike, it’s essential to prepare and approach the conversation professionally. Here are some tips to help you navigate this discussion effectively: Research and preparation Research and preparation are crucial steps before requesting a salary increase. It is important to gather information on industry standards and salary ranges for […]

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  • 15/02/2024
Top Recruitment Agency

How an Employment Agency Can Help You Find a Job Employment agencies can help you locate temporary, permanent, and internship jobs quickly and effectively. With knowledge of what companies require and access to positions you might never otherwise find, employment agencies provide invaluable assistance when searching for work. These resources also assist in navigating the […]

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