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Managing staff is a big duty! If you do it well, you’ll have a superior staff that propels the company to new dimensions. If you make a mistake, you will sacrifice money, time, and, most importantly, your reputation. It’s also often hard to guess which way the hiring dice will fall. For this reason, companies are choosing to use staffing agencies. A staffing agency can help you during the process of employment recruitment and ease your hiring process. Read more if you are planning to hire a staffing agency. 

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency exists as a mediator between enterprises and job seekers in a particular industry. Recruiting a staffing agency helps you reduce legal concerns, regulate the hiring process, enable your staff to work less, and bring diversity to the types of hires you make.

Facts to be remembered:

A staffing agency constitutes a vital human operations lifeline if managed properly. They handle the majority of administrative duties and hiring processes. They assist businesses in finding the best people quickly, from junior-level roles to leader-level roles. 

It is crucial to understand that there is no cost for candidates to deal with a staffing firm. Rather, the agency receives payment for its professional services and expertise from the company it needs to hire. 

Setting realistic expectations may help you avoid letdowns and unexpected challenges by being aware of a hiring agency’s boundaries. 

Sometimes, the agency may not find an ideal applicant in its talent database. In such cases, a recruiting firm will post a job opening on employment sites, where job applicants check in and apply. 

A staffing agency can help you fill the following positions:

  • Temporary positions: This may become available over the holidays. 
  • Contracts to hire: This includes an initial term; if the candidate is deemed suitable, they could be given a full-time employment offer. 
  • Contract basis: This is comparatively long-term and includes expert work for a maximum of a year. 
  • Permanent positions: This is where an applicant is directly recruited if their skills and experience match those of the organization. 

Responsibilities of a Staffing Agency:

  1. Candidate sourcing: It is the process of actively searching across a variety of channels for possible candidates. 
  2. Screening candidates: It involves performing background verifications, skill evaluations, and initial interviews. 
  3. Work matching: This process aims to ensure that the candidate’s skills and experiences fit the job and as well the employer’s requirements.
  4. Coordination and communication: Promoting the manager-candidate communication in the selection process.
  5. Document verification: Completing the necessary papers and documents as part of the onboarding process. 
  6. Legal and compliance issues: Checking accountability for adhering to applicable employment standards, labour laws, and regulations. 
  7. Offering HR solutions: Providing HR-related services, including handling talent, workforce scheduling, and consulting services. 
  8. Post-placement follow-up: Confirming that the procedure was effective by getting in touch with both the applicant and the hiring manager. 

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Contact us right now! We can assist you in hiring the world’s best professionals! 

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