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A dedicated unit comprising people, procedures, and technology that is organized as a centralized point of service and is concentrated on specific business operations is referred to as a shared services centre (SSC) or shared services. 

To better serve the company and its business divisions, a company that consolidates its support operations into shared services operates as a business within a business. SSC leverages a well-defined architecture to enable greater value service delivery. It is a centralized department that supports several non-core operations within an organization. Businesses may also hire outside Shared Service Centre consultants to advise on different aspects of the layout, framework, location, and implementation alternatives.

Benefits of Employing Shared Services Centre

Personalized services: A Shared Services Center’s ability to offer clients individualized services results in more precise delivery. This implies that you may charge more for your goods or services knowing that the customer will be satisfied and come back for more.

Better communication: When people are operating in silos, it might be challenging to work together across divisions. A shared services centre can be created to house non-core functions, which will facilitate team collaboration.

Improved Insights and Controls: Data consolidation made possible by shared services facilitates better monitoring and analytics. Additionally, it facilitates better choices inside the organisation and helps to increase compliance.

Strategic focus: By allowing the SSOs to handle support services, departments can better allocate their limited resources to tasks that support key projects and corporate objectives.

Flexibility: Compared to divided teams, a single shared services company can react to shifting business needs more quickly. Additionally, the SSO may make adjustments more quickly without completely reorganize the organizational structure.

Reduced Time: By using a shared service model, business units may concentrate on achieving their goals, be they higher service standards, better performance, or both.

Boost the workforce: The SSC enables the company to save costs by streamlining operations, utilising statewide presence, and making greater use of technology.  Businesses can prosper by leveraging the Shared Services Centre, bolstering both the labour force and the commercial economy as a whole.

Automated services: organization can incorporate RPA (robot process automation) for routine, rule-driven tasks like login updates and information demands into their supply chain operations by using shared service interfaces.

Creating Value by Performance: Shared service centres are held responsible to the business using the achievement of KPIs, which frequently consist of service level contracts for essential services and goals for cutting costs. Every established shared service centre strives for continuous service improvement as a result of SSCs’ ongoing ability to prove their worth to the company.

Customer relationship: Because of the SSC model’s standardized procedures and skilled staff, customers can resolve issues more quickly and effectively, which increases their level of satisfaction. Additionally, consumers usually have easier access to information about the goods and services that are offered to them, which facilitates more effective communication.

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