International Recruitment

How we simplify the international recruitment process for foreign clients!

In this day and age, the demand for exceptional talent such as software professionals, nurses, doctors, and management professionals has skyrocketed to its zenith in the international market.

Many internal private, government and service, especially from the Middle-East, Africa and the West, are seeking reliable candidates to help them run their business. Although the internet and social media have made it easy for global companies to interact with potential candidates from another country, recruiting candidates from an unknown territory can be very risky.

This is where hiring agencies specialized in international recruitment process come in. MNR Solutions is a recruitment consulting agency that assists international companies to source and recruits the best talent for their business.

Why MNR solutions?

Contrary to popular belief, hiring foreign talent and workers is not all roses. It can be challenging and intimidating if a hiring agent does not plan their activities. However, hiring agents at MNR Solutions pre-plan the international recruitment process to make it suitable, easy and effective for you to successfully recruit foreign professionals and workers.

Here is a glimpse of our eight-step international recruitment process that will help you to understand our hiring strategies:

  • Defining your needs

In every international recruitment process, it is vital to understand the need of a client before strategizing on anything concrete.

Our recruitment consultants will work closely with you to understand your current requirements – that is the job description and specification. This is important to ensure clarity in communication to our global hiring consultants on the terms of screening and selecting suitable candidates.

  • Sourcing foreign talent

Our hiring consultants will source suitable candidates based on the agreed details shared by you. They will network extensively, tap into their internal databases and advertise to attract the right talent. Likewise, a preliminary screening is done before short-listing qualified talent for further selection.

  • Short-listing selected candidate from the talent pool

This is the most crucial step in our international recruitment process. All candidates shortlisted in the preliminary screening round will be tested on several skills – language tests, aptitude tests, personality reviews and behavioral assessment.

Our recruitment consultants will also verify candidate resumes, educational qualification and professional experience in this step. Once finished, we provide you with a list of candidates ready to be interviewed.

  • Interviewing candidates

We help you connect with the list of short-listed candidates via phone call, video conferencing, and if necessary, face-to-face interviews in the source country.

  • Documentation and contract preparation

In this step of our international recruitment process, we try to expedite things to ensure selected candidates join the company immediately in the source country. Our recruitment consultants notify selected candidates and offer the contract.

We can offer the required support for you in arranging the necessary documentation.  The terms are communicated to the candidates beforehand to avoid future misunderstandings.

  • Logistics and travel support

Our recruitment consultants stay in constant touch with the selected candidates and coordinate their traveling expenses, airport reception, accommodation, training, people skills, medication tests and other arrangements for them to start work.

  • Pre-employment orientation

Here we offer your international employee with an orientation about working and living in the source country. We familiarize them with the culture, language and people of the country. This helps in reducing potential workplace problems.

  • Counseling

This is the final step in our international recruitment process. Our recruitment consultants offer quality counseling support for the duration of a candidate’s employment in the source country. We make sure the candidate is happy and engaged with their new work environment.

At the end of their employment contract, we will help you to send candidates back to their home country or even extend their work permits for another contract term.

MNR is a specialist service that has developed to direct the needs of global businesses looking at employing Indian & Expatriate talent at leadership / senior and middle management levels outside India.

 Mandates delivered through an expert consultant team, which focusses on your need to complete the given assignments. With our research driven methodology & strong linkages we help you to find expert within the India & global talent who are best and brightest in their fields with our sourcing skills, we are in a position to add significant value to your hiring process.

 Global Companies are looking at hiring talent from India, knowing the versatility and professional competence of Indian talent that has demonstrated and proven, beyond doubt in the recent years. Domain knowledge, multi tasking, ability to adapt and experience of having worked in a complex Indian market are the factors that prompt global organisations to look for Indian talent. ABC is well positioned to cater to the needs of this segment given its pioneering and dominating presence in Executive Search & Selection in India.