Permanent staffing.

Permanent staffing

Every leading organization and start-up must note that positions within C-level may change over time. Hence, to move with the times, you might want to take your Permant Staffing strategy to the next level – that is by partnering with experts who can help you find the right C-suite talent.

Permant Staffing is an extensive hiring service which an organization avails to recruit C-suite candidates for another managerial or head role. Since executive search is cumbersome, many companies collaborate with reliable hiring agencies that provide the service.

To make things more clear, here are a few steps that will help you understand how we hunt for the best C-suite talent for our clients:

Setting initial meetings with clients
It is indeed a polite and professional gesture to meet business partners before signing a deal. This helps us know our clients better, gives an insight into their business, vision and mission.

With crucial details in hand, we can give them a clear understanding of how the executive search service will help them find the best C-level talent matching their requirements.

In-depth analysis of our client
Once we partner with our client, we dig deeper to know their recruitment strategy, hiring policies and legal affirmations (such as bonds) associated with recruitment. This helps us fit in with the culture of the company and also lends us a hand to mould our executive search service suiting the needs of our client.

Looking for best managerial talents on job portals is old school; our experts devise a plan to hunt suitable C-suite candidates for our clients. Each strategy is different and significantly varies and sometimes our search strategy would most likely depend on the industry clients are looking to hire their C-suite candidates from.

Hence, as a part of our search strategy, we try to map talent — that is we determine the demand for the required talent in the client’s location and industry and accordingly strategize our move.

Looking for candidates
We do not deny the fact we use job portals to find the best C-suite talent for clients, but we rely more on our internal database and contacts that we collect through our business meetings and conventions.

We are very particular about any C-level candidate we shortlist. We thoroughly check their credentials before putting them through our clients.

Interviewing and background check
This is the most crucial and laborious task in the entire Permant Staffing near me process. We spend extensive amounts of time with each suitable candidate that we short-list for our client. We interview them at our office, at the client place or even invite them for lunch/coffee.

We get to know them thoroughly before pushing the profile to the next round. A short-listed candidate will also have their backgrounds checked – just to make sure they aren’t in any legal suite or fired for the wrong reasons.

Find top executives to dynamically spearhead growth of your organization through MNR permanent staffing services. We find diamonds to bring sparkle to your company performance!

MNR offers the finest permanent satffing for companies seeking high performing talent to spearhead their growth. A modern, IT powered organization, MNR Solutions maintains extensive data banks of satffing in almost every category for each industry segments. we help to pick the right people and give them opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don’t have to manage them which lead your company to greater heights. As key point of our company has always been helping you hiring smart people.

Finding and recruiting executives for senior and top positions calls for finesse, knowledge, skills , negotiations and in closing a deal which will be a win-win situation for both employer and the executive. MNR employs extremely experienced and high level experts for its executive search assignments. From screening to approaching to preparing a package as well as conducting interviews and drawing up the contract, MNR provides total permanent satffing solutions that get you desired results.