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Recruiting for executive roles is a full-time job. It can be difficult for recruiters to juggle the recruiting process with their daily obligations if executive staff are not hired often. Since executive search firms handle every facet of the recruiting process, they collaborate extensively with both the business and the applicant to ensure that their requirements are met.

Our executive search recruitment expertise

Our recruitment teams work with companies of all sizes across various industries to find professionals to fill executive-level job vacancies in the following areas:

  • Board Directors & Chairs
  • Business and IT Services
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Consultancy, Strategy & Change
  • Consumer Goods
  • Digital & Analytics
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Hospitality & Leisure
  • Senior Management Roles (Head of Risk / Compliance)
  • Human Resources
  • Industrials
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Policy
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Property & Construction
  • Public Sector & Not-For-Profit
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Senior Management Roles (Head of Risk / Compliance)

If you’re looking for a recruitment agency with genuine expertise, talk to the team at MNR Solutions today.

Niche Services

Source-Train-Hire (STH)

Our Risk-Free Outcome-based Source-train-Hire Model is best tuned for bulk hiring of Junior Engineers and Analysts.

Executive Hiring

Our Strong network, research based approach and 1:1 candidate engagement is key to Executing Hiring success.

Campus Hiring

With strong people, process and systems, we can help execute your end to end Campus Hiring.

Role of executive search firms:

Executive search firms‘ main function is to find candidates across a range of sectors, typically through connections and recommendations. From there, the company narrows down its list through initial screenings. Choosing the best executive business demands more than simply looking through a list of prosperous companies. It also entails thoroughly researching their approaches and areas of competence.

How to choose the right Executive search firms

Sector-specific knowledge:

The reputation of a search business increases if they have direct experience in your sector. It’s more than just checking off a familiarity box here; it’s about having lived the industry. Their engagement with your industry fosters a deep comprehension of the subtleties of the market, client requirements, and applicant expectations.

Industry Specialization and Background:

Take a close look at the industry specialization of the executive search firms and the kinds of positions they have occupied effectively before. Ensure that the companies you work with understand your demands and draw in qualified individuals. Look for firms that have experience in your industry or similar sectors. Their market knowledge might prove useful in creating job descriptions that are captivating and in attracting a varied pool of candidates. 

Reputations of firms:

When talking about a firm’s strengths and limits, it is crucial to choose one that respects honesty and openness. The most significant aspect that was determined to be the executive search firms’ reputation. It further underscores the significance of the particular team assigned to the project.

Inquiring questions:

HR managers must ask targeted questions to assess possible search companies efficiently. Gaining insight into their skills may be achieved by asking questions about their search procedure, team composition, diversity sourcing tactics, typical search completion duration, and ethical guidelines.

Salary Negotiation:

The ability to negotiate the finest terms for you and your desired candidate is a sign of a competent executive search firm. They should give good advice about the kind of compensation package to offer to draw in and keep top people. They should know the company’s benefit requirements in the relevant sector.

Sourcing and Network Strategy:

Evaluate the executive search company’s industry ties and network. Their ability to access a wide range of talent increases the possibility that they will locate the most suitable applicant thanks to a strong network. Find out how they aggressively seek out and recruit great individuals by asking about their sourcing techniques. 

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As an executive-level recruiting service in India, MNR Solutions is one of the leading executive search firms. We specialise in locating competent candidates for positions as your next general manager, director, CFO, COO, or CEO. Our executive search-focused recruiting specialists are available to talk about your upcoming opening. We are in a unique position to assist you in determining your executive recruiting needs and locating the best experts to fulfil them. Thanks to our global network of skilled, experienced professionals and our local market presence.

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