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A firm that specialize in locating exceptionally qualified individuals in corporate-level roles in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors is known as an executive search firm. Finding, testing, and appointing an executive applicant is significantly more difficult than setting up an entry-level workforce, which is the main reason executive search firms arise. Executive search specialists can assist firms in obtaining a competitive edge in an industry environment that is shifting constantly by collaborating with the top managers of a company. 

What does an executive search firm do?

  • Client Consultation: The company initiates a discovery process that seeks to understand the client’s business dynamics, environment, and strategic direction. The process comprises meeting the key stakeholders to know the competency profile and optimum candidate profile.
  • Market Research: The organisational unit conducts marketing research to find out the industrial and related market participants. This involves making competition analysis, industry analysis, and talent pool analysis to gather the whole picture of the available talent.
  • Candidate Identification: By various methods involving various proprietary databases, professional networks, and industrial agents, the company can find candidates who are a good fit for a given job description. This might involve contacting passive candidates who do not look for other positions actively.
  • Screening and Evaluation: An executive search firm does the initial screening and testing to check the qualifications, experience, and cultural alignment of the candidate with its client’s organisation. This might also imply an evaluation of resumes, interviews, and the assessment of candidates’ skills and competencies.
  • Presentation of Candidates: The next step is to make a list of candidates, review them and then give the short-listed candidates to the client. The personal attributes of the candidate, such as their name, seniority, qualifications, and capability of delivering the position, are presented clearly to the client.
  • Facilitating Interviews: The firm is engaged in agenda-setting, schedule arrangement, and meeting between the customer and interviewees, and delivering feedback to both the parties involved throughout the process.
  • Offer Negotiation and Onboarding: Following the selection of the candidate, the company assists the individual in negotiating employment terms such as salary, benefits and a start date. Also, they can help during the onboarding period to guarantee a smooth transition for the executive to settle in.
  • Follow-Up and Support: The company may also offer client and candidate support even after the interview process has been completed. It is to secure satisfaction and address any problems that can arise during the transition process.

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Being in the hiring process for a senior or executive role can be challenging. But it is no more challenging when our executive search firm is there to assist you. At MNR Solutions, we make every effort to establish connections with our applicants and clients that uphold the principles of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and promote norms of responsibility and engagement. Our industry-leading evaluation solutions enable our executive search solutions to produce unparalleled outcomes.

Become our partner! Our team of executive search professionals is ready to support you with your requirements in terms of consultation and searching.

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