Agriculture Government Jobs.

  • December 18 2023

No matter your interest – whether that be protecting Missourians’ quality of life or furthering agricultural research – the Department of Agriculture offers rewarding careers that help protect and advance these areas. In order to apply, however, specific civil service exams must first be passed successfully in order to apply.

An agricultural lobbyist works for industry communities and organizations to represent their interests to government policymakers, offering the perfect way to combine passion for agriculture with strong communication skills.

Agriculture Jobs – Horticulture Job Vacancies in Government Sector List:

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Agriculture Posts – 1051



Section Officer (Horticulture) – 108



Agriculture Officer & other posts


Kerala PSC

Senior Horticulture Officer, Deputy Director – 44


National Horticulture Board

Field cum Laboratory Assistant, Livestock / Farm Assistant – 05


CAU Imphal

Education wise Government Jobs 2023:

Government Jobs List

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10th Pass 12th Pass Govt Jobs


Govt Jobs for Graduates


Govt Jobs for Engineers


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Government Jobs For Chartered Accountants

Agriculture Government Jobs Qualification

The agricultural industry is flourishing, providing young people with an excellent opportunity to get into their field quickly. Agriculture offers various fields that cater to various interests ranging from farming and livestock raising, soil health management and food safety – creating many possibilities in one career field!

Candidates for agriculture jobs must possess at least a high school or GED diploma and, depending on the position, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Experience operating machinery is also necessary as is knowledge about agricultural products, crops and processes as well as understanding relevant government policies and regulations affecting the sector.

The Department of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures is seeking an enthusiastic team player with strong work ethics to fill a permanent or temporary vacancy in its department. This opportunity offers the perfect way to gain hands-on knowledge about weights and measures within food industry in an enjoyable yet challenging setting. Responsibilities may include working closely with various departments to ensure consumer food safety while satisfying market requirements.

To apply, visit the Arizona State Jobs portal and submit your application via this portal only; these applications will only be considered. Please be aware that applications submitted via this portal will only be considered. Application submission deadline: June 12th 2022.

As an Arizona Civilian Agriculture Specialist (GS-5), this is an exciting opportunity to join our state! We seek highly motivated individuals with a deep appreciation for agriculture, food, and natural resources who possess an aptitude for learning new skills while creating a positive and productive work environment. In return we offer competitive wages and benefits packages including retirement plans, life insurance policies and more!

Agriculture Government Jobs Career Opportunities

Agriculture offers numerous job opportunities. Career paths within this sector could lead to careers as an animal scientist, plant pathologist, agronomist, forest manager and landscape architect; also available are marketing/merchandising positions or agricultural engineering.

Working in agriculture can be immensely satisfying and fulfilling, providing a sense of pride in producing something essential for human and global wellbeing. From crops to livestock, the work done helps sustain our world.

Agriculture industry employers are in need of workers, particularly as the baby boomers reach retirement age and leave an enormous workforce gap. Agriculture offers young people an excellent way to enter the workforce quickly with many areas of expertise to choose from and quick career progression – it even comes with free TAFE courses through Victoria Government’s Free TAFE scheme!

Science, technology and environmental enthusiasts may enjoy working in agriculture. There are ample opportunities to be involved with research and development within this industry as well as its focus on sustainability through improving soil quality and becoming energy efficient.

Communications enthusiasts will find opportunities aplenty within the agriculture industry, with numerous avenues of entry available to them in terms of careers in agricultural communications. Professionals working in agricultural communications can become involved with print and broadcast journalism, magazine staffing and press relations as press spokespeople; public relations or education specialists; working as press spokespeople or press spokespeople and press spokespeople for newspapers or magazines, or administer credit or loan programs for farmers or rural community groups; agricultural extension educators/officers keep farmers up-to-date with industry information such as tech advances, management practices or marketing developments through travel around their assigned territories – sharing this vital knowledge with clients!

Horticulture vs. Agriculture

Horticulture and agriculture are closely related fields in plant cultivation, but there are distinct differences between them. One such distinction between them lies in their scope: Horticulture is limited to plant gardening while agriculture encompasses crops as well as animal farming. Furthermore, horticulture tends to take place on smaller, enclosed plots while agriculture typically covers wider tracts of land with larger scale operations.

Agriculture involves cultivating crops and raising animals for food, fiber, medicinal plant production or other purposes, usually on a larger scale and using more land than horticulture. India Horticulture involves cultivating flowers, fruits, vegetables or other plants for ornamental or consumption purposes with art science technology business of plant cultivation being at play here.

Horticulture and agriculture differ primarily by virtue of horticultural only being involved with plant gardening while agriculture includes all aspects from crop cultivation and raising of animals for food, fiber or medicinal uses all the way through production of crops for human consumption as well as sale.

Horticulture involves gardening conducted on a small-scale, often in an enclosed environment and undertaken for personal enjoyment or aesthetic reasons. Although gardens used in horticulture may be larger than those employed for personal enjoyment or aesthetic reasons.

Horticulturists specialize in improving crop yields, nutritional content, pest and disease resistance and adaptation to environmental pressures in order to meet current and future food and textile demands.

Traditional agriculture emphasizes large-scale crop farming using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, leading to monocropping that destroys biodiversity and hinders ecological succession. By contrast, sustainable agriculture seeks to balance food demands with ecosystem needs while simultaneously encouraging diverse vegetation. Less fertilizers and pesticides help enhance soil quality while still supporting biodiversity among species dependent on them.

Which govt sector provides job opportunity for agriculture?

Graduates with degrees in agriculture can find employment in various government departments or private companies specializing in agriculture- and food-related industries, including research and development or marketing roles – even internationally! You may even choose to work for the USDA or state department of agriculture.

With a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, you may find employment with the public sector as an agricultural specialist or research and development officer. While these roles offer lucrative salaries and excellent benefits packages, you must be ready for a competitive application process which includes providing strong academic credentials as well as relevant work experience; additionally, passing both written exams and personal interviews may also be required for acceptance into such positions.

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), with headquarters in Gujarat, is a central government organisation offering job opportunities to graduates with degrees in agriculture. Through Mother Dairy and NDDB Dairy Services it offers high-paying positions to graduates completing internships or participating in other career development programs; furthermore it supports farmer cooperatives while selling its products directly to consumers.

As food demands increase, innovative agricultural practices become ever more essential. A skilled workforce will be necessary for this practice to work successfully; investing in training and development for this sector is crucial to its survival. Many opportunities exist for farmers at universities, private corporations and NGOs dedicated to sustainable farming practices.

World Bank agricultural work has not only enhanced rural employment, but has also created off-farm and non-farm market employment through youth entrepreneurship initiatives and offering agribusiness support services. Furthermore, its efforts have enhanced incomes of smallholder farmers through agribusiness development programs, livestock investments and agri-tourism offerings.

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