High Salary Government Jobs For Females After 12th.

  • December 29 2023

12th Pass Govt Jobs for Females with High Salary

Government jobs offer attractive salaries with significant advancement opportunities, in addition to many perks such as free medical facilities and accommodation as well as travel fares waiver.

Railways, Banking and Public Sector Undertakings provide some of the highest paying government jobs after 12th for female students; additionally there are numerous Civil Services positions available as well.

Exam NamePostAge LimitLocationSalary
SSC CHSLData Entry Operator, Junior Assistant18-27All over IndiaINR 52000- INR 20,200
SSC StenographerStenographer, Grade D, Grade C18-27All over IndiaINR 5200- INR 34,800
SSC MTSGardener, Peon, Cleaning Staff18-25All over IndiaINR 5200- INR 34,800
DSSSB ClerkClerk18- 27DelhiINR 9,300- INR 27,000
ICAR TechnicianTechnician18-27ICAR branchesINR 10,900- INR 27,000

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1. SSC CHSL 12th Pass Govt Jobs for Females through Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

SSC CHSL offers one of the highest salary government jobs for female graduates of 12th grade after they complete secondary school education. Candidates attempting this exam are selected for positions such as Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA), Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant positions and Data Entry Operator. In its most recent recruitment cycle, an increase of over 1,200 vacancies was seen.

LDC/JSA salaries begin at Rs 19,000. As soon as candidates gain some work experience, they are promoted to Upper Division Clerk (UDC), Postal Assistant (PA), and Section Officer positions. Furthermore, candidates receive various allowances such as HRA (House Rent Allowance), free accommodation, medical facilities coverage of travel expenses coverage etc.

One of the highest-paying government jobs for 12th pass females after 12th is with Indian Railways, as it is a premier recruiter of youths with impressive salaries for positions such as Ticket Clerk and Goods Guard. Another great choice would be PSUs such as IOCL, ONGC or BHEL which provide attractive remuneration packages compared to private sector industries and offer many opportunities for growth within organizations as well as benefits such as free accommodation, medical facilities and pension after retirement – these positions make some of the best government jobs after 12th pass for females after 12th-pass!

2. 12th Pass Govt Jobs for Females in Indian Railways

No matter if you want to join the Indian Police Service (IPS) or work as part of the Indian Navy Submarine Arm, government jobs for women after 12th offer exciting and respectable careers with exceptional salary and benefits packages, including free rations, accommodation facilities and medical benefits for both yourself and your family.

Government offices and ministries offer numerous clerical jobs. There are also teaching and nursing positions at government hospitals as well as jobs available within postal departments as well as roles within defence forces such as armies, navys and air forces. Anganwadis provide great opportunities to support girls and women with family planning needs, health needs, education and nutrition needs.

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Beyond these companies, public sector undertakings (PSUs) such as IOCL, IOL, ONGC and BHEL also offer attractive pay packages and travel opportunities with work. Furthermore, many do not require a bachelor’s degree. You can apply for these jobs by clearing SSC and UPSC exams; Olive board learning materials or mock tests can help increase your chances of passing these exams successfully. Furthermore, their selection process for government jobs involves written exams as well as interviews for consideration.

3. 12th Pass Govt Jobs for Females in Banking

Female graduates who have earned their 12th grade can find many attractive government jobs for themselves after completion. Clerical positions, nursing/healthcare roles in government hospitals and teaching assistant roles at public schools are just some examples; Army, Navy and Air Force roles are also highly sought after by female candidates.

Other jobs with attractive salaries and benefits, including free accommodation and medical facilities. Furthermore, women candidates may apply for low division clerk positions at government banks by clearing IBPS exams.

Indian Civil Services jobs are highly desirable due to their attractive salaries and career advancement opportunities. While not an easy route, should you succeed you may find a rewarding future in administration, law enforcement and foreign diplomacy. Officer pay packages can vary depending on their country of deployment; typically starting around Rs 50,000 monthly with seniority bonuses potentially reaching up to 2.5 lakhs and even higher! Furthermore, their perks make these government positions one of the highest salary government jobs for female graduates after 12th Grade while providing excellent work-life balance perks!

4. 12th Pass Govt Jobs for Females in CBI

There are various government jobs that offer lucrative salary packages and allowances, along with retirement benefits and insurance policies. Some of these jobs may even be open to female candidates depending on eligibility requirements – though usually an entrance exam must first be passed successfully to gain admission to such roles.

The CBI ranks among the highest-paying government jobs. This agency boasts numerous openings for Inspectors, Assistant Section Officers and Tax Assistants as well as state-of-the-art equipment with highly skilled employees who possess various vacancies within its ranks. Furthermore, social media presence of this department is strong.

Working for a police department offers more than an attractive salary; employees also enjoy free housing, medical coverage and travel expense reimbursement as well as retirement pension benefits when retiring from police work. As such, police jobs rank among the best high-salary government jobs after 12th for female applicants.

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5. 12th Pass Govt Jobs for Females in CID

Finding a government job after 12th is one of the greatest dreams of women, as these jobs offer high salary packages with various perks such as free accommodation, medical facilities coverage of travel expenses and pension upon retirement. Furthermore, government jobs provide great satisfaction while being considered extremely safe environments for female employees.

Path to government jobs may not be straightforward. Preparation, preparation and dedication must be put forth in order to pass competitive exams and secure one. Therefore, students need to carefully explore all options available to them that best suits their interests, skills and qualifications.

As you begin searching for a government job, take an inventory of what options may be open to you. Some examples include clerical jobs in various ministries and departments, teaching positions at government schools, healthcare nursing roles in government hospitals as well as positions within armed forces – army, air force or navy.

Indian Railways offer one of the highest paying government jobs, as a career choice. You could become a railway clerk and verifying how many wagons and coaches there are in a railway yard before preparing Train Guidance documents like Vehicle Guidance (VG), creating train papers such as Train Guidance Records (TGRs), and feeding this data back into railway network terminals.

6. 12th Pass Govt Jobs for Females in CPF

Government jobs are widely respected and desired for their social contributions, work profiles and allowances. Furthermore, these government jobs come with many additional perks including housing facilities, free medical coverage for children’s insurance plans, transportation expenses reimbursement and retirement pension. All this makes government employment an excellent choice for women to consider compared with private sector positions; their salary also tends to be very decent and competitive as compared with comparable roles in private employment sectors.

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Govt Jobs for Female: FAQs

Is maternity benefit available in 12th pass govt job for female?

Yes, maternity benefits are available in many 12th pass government jobs for females. Government Jobs policies often include provisions for maternity leave, ensuring female employees receive time off with pay during pregnancy and childbirth. It reflects a commitment to supporting work-life balance and women’s well-being in the workplace.

What is the salary offered to the 12th pass govt job for females?

Salaries for 12th pass government jobs for females vary depending on the position and government department. Generally, they range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. Some roles may offer additional benefits like allowances, healthcare, and pension, contributing to overall compensation.

What is the minimum age to get Govt job for Female?

The minimum age to secure a government job for females varies depending on the specific job and the government agency’s eligibility criteria. Generally, candidates must be at least 18 years old, but age requirements can vary, so it’s essential to check the specific job notification for accurate information.

How can candidate apply for government exam after passing 12th?

Candidates can apply for government Jobs exams after passing 12th by checking official notifications, fulfilling eligibility criteria, and submitting online applications through the respective exam portals. Stay updated on exam schedules, prepare necessary documents, and follow the application process outlined in the official announcements for a successful application.

What are state govt job female can try after 12th?

Females after 12th can explore various state government job opportunities such as clerical positions, constable roles, and junior assistant roles. State government departments regularly announce recruitments, providing opportunities for women to secure stable and rewarding positions in fields like education, healthcare, and administration.


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