The newest technological trend to take the world by storm with its innovative content creation and marketing techniques is the ‘over-the-top’ platforms generally referred to as OTT. Netflix and Amazon Prime video are the two leading examples of this business model.

The modern-day consumer requires on-demand content and Over-the-top platforms are the ones to provide it. As the name suggests, when content providers use technology and marketing tactics to override the boundaries of existing internet services to deliver content, it classifies as an Ott service. This high demand for on-demand video streaming and regional content has led to an increase in the creation of digital platforms just for content streaming. The other arena that has seen such rise is the gaming industry using Over-the-top methods. Therefore, you see, the use of such methods and technology is not just limited to media services but extends to gaming and VR services too.

Due to this upward spike in content consumption, there had been an increase in jobs for numerous online platforms in the last couple of years. For instance, more than 1.7 million Indians log in to Netflix daily and approximately has 47.4 million active subscribers on that service platform. Netflix is just one Over-the-top platform; there are numerous similar platforms that offer unique content services. Even a veteran platform like YouTube has revamped their content platform with new avenues like ‘Shorts’ to make it much more interesting.

This means the professionals from digital services have more avenues now, to implement their skillset. With our market research at MNR Solutions, we think that the Over-the-top trend is here to stay and will rise exponentially in the next few years. So, people who are looking for greener pastures in the digital service world can think of OTT platforms as the golden bridge to fulfilling their dreams.

And if you are such a candidate looking for prospects in the digital world, then give us a buzz today. We have partnered with some of the OTT giants leading the industry and require experts for their daily activities and dedicated problem-solving crews.

This is the age of on-demand, easy-to-consume content, and whichever platform delivers the expectations of people, they ride the way of the future. If you are looking to ride this wave, reach out to us today and explore the industry for new roles and responsibilities along with lucrative pay.