Gone are the days of DAVE and MotoGP when the graphics were poor and the only platform it could run on was your boxy computer. Today is the age of PlayStation and Xbox with dedicated Gaming accessories for an all-around virtual experience.

Want to become a video-game designer? Currently, the hottest demand for designers in this industry includes software engineering, UX design, and data and analytics. However, the role of a gaming designer does not bring him much moolah as the industry has hit a stagnation point. But here’s the silver lining – the gaming industry is now branching itself out using new technologies like VR and Augmented Reality. This has resulted in reviving the stagnant industry with new ideas, roles, and responsibilities.


The industry has now applications in the animation, medical and defence professions. With newer technologies, the need for qualified professionals is on the rise. The industry is taking advantage of technologies and hardware and implementing them in different areas that can have an impact on society instead of just entertainment. Not that anyone is complaining about video games here; but the applications are now increasing. To set the picture straight, the road to video game development is long, tiring, and hard. Therefore, only the passionate can survive.

With our recent research on the video game industry, we feel that the industry is on a rise and has a lot of potential for engineers having a background in C++, DevOps, JavaScript, Linux, Golang, etc.

The need for engineers and developers for the gaming industry is increasing rapidly with lucrative pay packages from some of the best companies in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for greener pastures without leaving your field of interest, then reach out to us.

We understand this industry has potential in the future and can work on some of the latest tech and hardware that can enable you to create reality-altering games in the future. So, to the passionate gamer in you, come and explore the world of digital opportunities that could take you places. Rub the magic lamp with MNR Solutions and let our magic carpet take your career to new frontiers.