Midlevel Server Administration & Linux Engineer.

  • November 21 2023

Role: Midlevel Server Administration & Linux Engineer

Location: Hyderabad

Employment Type: Full -Time

Experience: 6 years

Shift : Rotational

Mendatory Skills:- Linux, Cisco UCS, Troubleshooting, Configuration, Installation & Maintenance.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Server Hardware Installation and Maintenance:

  • Expertly plan and execute the installation and configuration of physical servers, including Cisco UCS and HP Proliant servers.
  • Ensure seamless integration of Cisco UCS, HP Proliant, and other hardware components.
  • Monitor and maintain the health of the hardware components across different server brands.
  • Stay updated on hardware advancements from Cisco, HP, and other vendors, recommending upgrades as needed.

Operating System Installation and Configuration:

  • Install and configure Linux operating systems on Cisco UCS and HP Proliant servers, customizing configurations as required.
  • Manage OS updates, including the application of security patches and feature enhancements.
  • Implement profiles, templates, and scripts in Cisco UCS Manager and HP’s server management tools for streamlined provisioning.

Bare Metal Provisioning:

  • Develop and maintain automated provisioning workflows tailored to various server brands, including Cisco UCS and HP Proliant.
  • Utilize provisioning tools specific to each server brand for deploying servers from scratch or rebuilding existing ones.
  • Create and maintain service profiles, templates, and scripts for efficient server provisioning across diverse hardware.
  • Optimize and fine-tune server profiles for specific roles and applications.

Storage Management:

  • Configure and manage storage solutions within the Cisco UCS and HP Proliant environments, including SAN, NAS, and local storage.
  • Optimize storage resources for all server brands to ensure high availability and performance.
  • Implement backup and recovery strategies for data stored across different hardware platforms.
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hyderabad

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