Diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

  • January 8 2024

The significance of diversity can’t be stressed enough, especially in work culture in this rapid globalized epoch. Through this article, we will try to help you in the most layman’s way of elucidating what exactly is the concept of the diversity hiring process and what are its consequences in the corporate scenario. Instead of the corporate driven definitions of the term, let’s understand it through its concept. So, haven’t we all tried different bottles of shampoos each for a different concern like hair fall, dandruff or perhaps creams catering to plethora of concerns like skin lightening, anti aging, hydration etc. What we mean to tell here is that we human beings are always looking for solutions to various problems and hence, the market realizing such diverse human cognitive behaviors.

Navigating the Diversity Terrain

A bit out of track we have made you here right, with such an example? In a sentence we can say that organizations hire people from diverse backgrounds to meet specific organizational goals. So diversity is not just in terms of the talents but, here we are talking more of the celebration of socio cultural ethnicity of an individual. But, how does this work, right? Since, we have always known that it’s the talents, academic excellence or experiences, that matters, right? But companies besides these, also consider a wide array of backgrounds, identities and experiences to build up their workforce. The reason being individuals from a larger community or different race, religion, gender, economic class, social status, cultural heritages and different professional backgrounds holds a variety, larger and significant views of the society, providing a multitudinous realizations of the society. “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”.

Leveraging Diversity for Project Success

When an organization has a particular project in hand or working for a specific purpose each of these diverse employees, from their own experiences and background can figure out the problems that the project might bring to certain sectors of the society. Picture a scenario where a marketing firm is launching sanitary napkins. To resonate with every section of society, insights from female employees bring an authentic voice to feminine hygiene. The perspectives of those from economically weaker backgrounds shed light on the challenges faced by a significant demographic. This diversity of thought becomes the cornerstone for designing campaigns that educate, resonate, and ultimately boost sales across all societal segments and enhance business growth.

A Catalyst for Social and Personal Evolution

With globalization and technological advancement, client companies are always looking for employers who seek diversity, equity and inclusion. Not only does diversity recruiting represents business growth, but is a bridge dismantling boundaries between human as social members of different communities harboring creativity, camaraderie, a collective pursuit of ideas and opportunities, reaching out to each other, understanding and helping out as an act of kindness, and so on. Hence, diversity hiring is a navire of social and personal evolution as well. It gives the opportunity to all members of society to take part in important activities and realize themselves as important creatures to aid in the society’s progress. Yet, the canvas of diversity hiring isn’t without its challenges.

While diversity hiring might sound like a regular process, operated at every organization when recruiting, in reality it’s not always the case, as it does have consequences on both the parties, the employee and the organization, if not executed properly.

Balancing Diversity Implementation for Organizational Harmony

While diversity hiring is a mutually benefitting process, not all the existing employees might see the beauty in this shift. Hence, if there exists any potential tension, anxiety or social stigmas associated with a person’s background, chances of bullying by the existing employees, can cast shadows on the new hire. This can create a sense of insecurity among the new hires, might even lead them to quit, which can weigh a heavy cost on the organization, which it had spent on their training and onboarding. In this case, striking a balance is an art that demands careful consideration and strategic planning. Companies who don’t have prior inclusion of diversity in their work culture, need to engage in transparent dialogues with the existing members to discuss this new step and the probable benefit the company,

The Pivotal Role of CEO and Human Resources in Diversity Implementation

The role of CEO and the human resource is pivotal to tactically and persuasively fabricate a method for implementing measures, as any change within the practices and policy of the company are meant to affect its employees, yet it should not disrupt the organization’s activities or compromise employee satisfaction. Educating and motivating people to eradicate social taboos and motivate diversity employment at higher managerial ranks can be useful.

Empowering Diversity

Training programs, both general and specific, equip employees with the tools to thrive in a diverse environment. Regular feedback mechanisms, whether internal or external, help organizations stay attuned to potential problems or gaps in the integration of employees from diverse backgrounds. Creating a rich tapestry of diversity in the workplace goes beyond compliance; it paves the way for better teamwork and problem-solving. A diverse team brings a multitude of perspectives to the table, ensuring that every possible angle is considered. The collective intelligence of a team that represents a spectrum of experiences is a powerful asset, especially when navigating the complexities of projects and campaigns. Hence, one can be sure of leaving no stones untouched and expect magnificent success of organizational goals with a board of diverse employees.

Mastering Diversity

In today’s globalized market, organizations must not only embrace diversity but excel in diversity hiring and management. The landscape demands a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in creating and sustaining a diverse workforce. Hiring recruiters who specialize in diversity can streamline the process, ensuring that organizations attract, retain, and maximize the potential of diverse talent. Recruiting experts in the field also ensures that the corporate melody is harmonious, resonating with the diverse chords of the modern world. The canvas is vast, the colors diverse, and the masterpiece awaits those who dare to embrace the kaleidoscope of diversity.


In conclusion, diversity is not just a strategic move; it’s an ode to the complexity, beauty, and potential that lies within the human experience. The corporate canvas, much like the consumer market, is evolving, and those who embrace the kaleidoscope of diversity will find themselves at the forefront of innovation, growth, and collective progress. Diversity is not just about filling seats; it’s about adding voices, perspectives, and colors to the canvas of innovation, creating a masterpiece that reflects the richness of humanity. As Tim Cook, CEO of Apple rightly said, “I believe our diversity, our backgrounds, our experiences make us a stronger and more innovative company.”


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