Project Associate.

  • October 30 2023

Hiring:- Project Associate

Location: Mumbai, Chennai
Employment Type: Full -Time

Experience: 1 year

Required Skills:

  1. To help out the concerned Project Manager’s and Central maintenance team and assist with all maintenance and oversee related tasks and report to the PM.
  2. Help projects team with new site recce / deep cleaning tasks and site measurements (JMS)
  3. Visit the site / take handover and inspect the Landlord’s scope of work while being done.
  4. Vendor handling / communication.
  5. One who can stay overnight / start works early in the morning depending on the work requirement.
  6. Willingness to travel to all stores at the point of requirement.

Q. What is the salary of a project associate?

The average salary for Project Associate is ₹8,95,197 per year in the India.

Q. What skills are needed for a project associate?

Additionally employers frequently list the following as desirable qualities in a Project Associate candidate, but they are far less common on most resumes:

  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Innovation.
  • Proactive.
  • Auto Delivery.
  • Project Planning.
  • Consulting Experience.
  • Detail Oriented.

Q. What does project associate with mean?

The primary duty of a project associate is to monitor and record the advancement of the project. This expert makes sure that every task is completed and that the project is moving forward as planned.

Q. What is the experience of a project associate?

Based on the intended results, project associates define deliverables and create metrics to closely monitor their advancement. They gain knowledge on how to get beyond obstacles and deliver tangible outcomes in difficult settings.

Q. What is the salary of project Associate in Accenture?

The salary range for an Accenture Project Associate in India is ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 5.2 Lakhs, with an average of ₹ 3.2 Lakhs per year. The salary estimates are derived from 30 recent Accenture salaries that were provided by different Accenture workers.

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Chennai Mumbai

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