Openshift Consultant.

  • November 22 2023

Role:Openshift Consultant

Location: Navi Mumbai

Employment Type: Full -Time

Experience: 5-12 years


Must experience in- Openshift (Min. 2+ years), HLD, LLD, L2 or L3 Support.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design Documentation Review:
  • Assist the client in reviewing implemented design documentation for OpenShift.
  • OpenShift Management:
  • Manage the status and health of OpenShift.
  • Handle additions and removals of applications/worker nodes.
  • Implement secure OpenShift practices, including patching and maintenance of security architecture/policies defined during Low-Level Design (LLD).
  • Access Control and Monitoring:
  • Control access to resources on OpenShift.
  • Monitor and collect metrics on OpenShift performance.
  • Collaboration and Technical Support:
  • Collaborate with the Customer capacity team, providing technical insights.
  • Engage with the client on Business as Usual (BaU) activities.
  • Categorize and provide workarounds for resolutions and defects.
  • Collaborate with the Ops team for identifying critical updates, upgrades, and validating them in a non-production setup.
  • Performance Analysis and Solutions:
  • Analyze OpenShift performance issues and provide effective solutions.
  • Backup and Health Checks:
  • Perform OpenShift backups.
  • Conduct health checks for critical applications and workloads.
  • Troubleshooting and Support:
  • Troubleshoot production critical issues and Priority 1 tickets in collaboration with Red Hat Global Support Services (GSS).
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for critical updates and upgrades for roll-outs.
  • Knowledge Sharing and Documentation:
  • Contribute to the knowledge base for the support team, facilitating first-level analysis and basic log collection during downtime.
  • Provide knowledge sharing sessions with specified client representatives.
  • Administrative Tasks:
  • Assist the client in administering a backlog of tasks using an issue tracking tool, ensuring the implementation of design changes.
  • Reporting and Documentation:
  • Prepare reports containing details of engagement activities, findings, and status.
  • Include configuration information changes for Red Hat OpenShift, solution-specific implementation details, operational procedures, and management, guidance, advice, and recommendations for optimizing and improving the Red Hat environment based on Red Hat enterprise experience.
  • Provide recommendations for potential process or tool changes to optimize the OpenShift environment.
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mumbai

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