• November 21 2023

Basic Responsibilities

  • Ensure Food & Water safety by carrying Microbiological analysis specified by the airlines and other agencies.
  • Implementation of HACCP.
  • Documentation of the various reports.

Co-ordinate with the Hygiene and Pest control contractors for the upkeep of the unit.

Organizational Relationship

Reporting to the Quality Assurance Manager.


  • Collection and Microbiological testing of Food samples, Ice cubes, water and raw materials.
  • Checking Hand and Equipment hygiene by Swab testing.
  • Chemical analysis of milk, cream, flour, water, detergents and disinfectants.
  • Oversee the function of autoclave and various equipment.
  • Monitoring cold storage and deep freezer temperature records every 4 hours.
  • Recording of food portioning and dispatch temperatures.
  • Investigation of airline complaints and raw materials.
  • Monitoring of core temperatures and blast chiller temperature.
  • Checking of all HACCP records and checklists.
  • Checking of raw material received as per purchase specifications.
  • Checking for spoilage of item and expired items.
  • Monitoring the hygiene on shop floor.
  • Monitoring date tagging, monitoring wearing of gloves, hand gear, head gear/cap, beard net and other sanitation practices and personal hygiene.
  • Monitoring leftover meals and coordinating with Production and Operations.
  • Conducting supplier audits and generating audit report for recommendation and corrective actions.
  • Monthly Food, Water, Ice cubes reports for various airlines.
  • Conducting internal audit every 3 months.
  • Monitoring the hygiene on the shop floor on regular basis and during airline and HACCP audits. Coordinating with company Q.A. supervisor and contract hygiene supervisor.
  • Coordinating with pest control supervisor and operator for regular fumigation of the premises.
  • Carefully monitoring of expenditure budget for laboratory and hygiene.
  • To keep in touch through internet regarding the specific standards and other changes.
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mumbai

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