Jobs In Delhi For 12th Pass Freshers.

  • December 6 2023

Job Title: Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Qualification: 12th Pass

Location: Delhi

Industry: Various

Job Type: Full-time

Roles & Responsibilities:

There are various job opportunities available for 12th pass freshers in Delhi across different industries. Here are some common entry-level job options:

  1. Customer Service Representative:
    • Many companies in the customer service sector hire 12th pass candidates for roles in call centers or customer support.
  2. Data Entry Operator:
    • Data entry jobs require basic computer skills and are often available for 12th pass candidates.
  3. Office Assistant/Receptionist:
    • Front desk and office assistant positions are available in various organizations and do not always require higher qualifications.
  4. Sales Executive:
    • Sales roles in retail, telemarketing, or door-to-door sales often have openings for candidates with a 12th pass qualification.
  5. Delivery Executive:
    • Opportunities for delivery executives in logistics and e-commerce companies are commonly open for 12th pass candidates.
  6. Field Sales Representative:
    • Some companies hire field sales representatives who can promote and sell products or services on the ground.
  1. Retail Jobs:
    • Positions such as cashier, sales associate, or store assistant in retail outlets are options for 12th pass candidates.
  2. Back Office Executive:
    • Back office roles that involve handling administrative tasks may be available in various sectors.
  3. Data Collection/Survey Jobs:
    • Some organizations conduct surveys or collect data for research purposes, and they may hire 12th pass individuals for this work.
  4. Security Guard:
    • Security agencies often hire 12th pass candidates for security guard positions.
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Delhi NCR

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