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MNR is a Privately held global solutions company having its core competency in Background verification, staffing and IT consulting services across industries from last 16 years.

For every business, selecting a new employee is a significant choice. Before hiring someone, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes, regardless of whether the individual will perform well and match the position. In the fast-paced and complicated marketplace of today, when organizations have to minimize the risks of illegal activities, corporate spying, and negative publicity, employee background verification is extremely important.

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Additional Checks

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 Criminal Court Record Check
Digital Address
Indian Global
bank verification
    Bank Statement Verification

Professional /Personal Reference Check

Source of Verification
Reporting managers, colleagues, owners, partners, directors or some managerial positions in the company.
Mode of Verification
Email, Phone.
TAT (Turn-Around Time)

Employment Verification

Source of Verification
Generally, the HR or Admin, partners, directors or some managerial positions in the company.
Mode of Verification
Email, Phone, Site Visit
TAT (Turn-Around Time)


Address Verification

Source of Verification

Physical Visit by Field Executive, Digitally

Mode of Verification
Physical Site Visit,Digitally
TAT (Turn-Around Time)


Identity Verification

Source of Verification

Online Database

Mode of Verification

Online, Physical

TAT (Turn-Around Time)


Professional /Personal Reference Check

Source of Verification

Reporting managers, colleagues, owners, partners, directors or some managerial positions in the company.

Mode of Verification

Email, Phone.

TAT (Turn-Around Time)

3 to 15 business days

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Data Security

  • All security standards followed as per International Certifications
  • Client Based Password management tools
  • All data (Candidate’s documents, BGV reports, agreements etc.) will be stored in company’s registered cloud space.


  • All new cases will be sent from client end through email, courier (Hard copy) & online(If client using any portal).
  • Client ask any update regarding any case any time through email.
  • If client require any single check to be closed on priority from Package A,B, & C, we can share interim report accordingly.
  • For any Red & Amber case, we will send intimation/suggestion mail with the client which need to be closed on top priority.

Client can be contact to concern BGV manager anytime through email/calls.


  • If case closed and BGV report shared with the client, client can be requested for any closed BGV report as their requirement.
  • We can share the link for respective BGV report from where client can be download and save the report again.
  • This report link will be applicable only once with the limited expiry time.
  • If same requested generated in future for the same that will be chargeable at INR 200/ Report.

Why Background Verification is important in the recruitment process:

Verifying job candidate details through authorized legal documents is done using screening tools such as background checks. Before the employment contract is signed by the employer and the worker, a background investigation is usually conducted once you have chosen a candidate.

Assuring credentials

You can safeguard your business and its culture by making sure a prospective hire has the right training, experience, and history before making a job offer. This is usually carried out for every applicant that a business recruits, but it is especially important for C-Suite roles.

Keeping the Workplace Safe

By seeing possible warning signs like a criminal record, drug or alcohol addiction, or a history of aggressive behaviour, employee background verification can contribute to worker security. Organizations can lower the likelihood of workplace mishaps, abuse, and additional security risks by carefully screening applicants.

Guaranteeing a future partnership

Future partnerships can be predicted by prior work relationships. A candidate is more likely to treat future partnerships with the same respect if they had a positive working connection with their prior employer and parted on good terms.

Preserving excellence

To preserve a safe working environment, employers must adhere to certain rules regarding hiring. When applying for a job that requires a background check, an applicant with something to hide shouldn’t be considered. When these job screening procedures are implemented, employers will probably see a rise in the calibre of applications. 

Maintaining the company’s reputation

Background checks are an excellent tool for averting awkward circumstances and emergencies that may have arisen in an organization.

Reducing turnovers

Staff background verification and application screening may also significantly reduce staff turnover by increasing the opportunities to find a suitable fit right away.

Verifying professional references

By reviewing an employee’s qualifications with personal as well as professional references, a company can make sure that the particular employee has a good work relationship with past colleagues. After an applicant submits data, the former management of the employee can be contacted to confirm the candidate’s work record.

Conformity with legal requirements

A background check assists a company in adhering to several rules, whether they be state, local, or federal. In many industries, including the banking industry, background checks are also required by legislation. Background checks aid with adherence to local laws, contingent on the sector you work in and its regulations.

Decreasing careless hiring

Negligent hiring is a legal theory that says employers face legal liability for any harm caused by their employees if they don’t take appropriate safety measures throughout the employment process. Employers may be allowed to reduce their liability for careless hiring by including an acceptable and ongoing background check plan in the recruiting process.

Partner with MNR Solutions:

MNR Solutions, one of the background verification companies in India, prioritises employee expertise. It allows us to offer a distinctive strategy for background checks and employee onboarding. The employee-centred, custom-designed solutions try to expedite the onboarding process and shorten the time it takes for new personnel to start producing results. We are assisting companies in automating and managing worker life phases more effectively while fostering trust in the workplace with our revolutionary and inventive digital screening services.

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