Turnkey Projects

Our turnkey projects – where recruitment is all about collaboration!

So you have a sudden requirement for additional manpower for one of your critical projects. MNR Solutions can help you with this! Our in-house hiring consultants can recruit the complete competitive team for you within a given time frame.

There are times in every organization when there is a sharp increase in headcount requirement, due to the huge requirement of manpower in certain places or for critical projects. MNR Solutions can assist you by hastening your recruitment process here.

Right from deploying committed offshore and onshore staff based on competence and affordability, to offering you end-to-end recruitment services from screening, interviewing to on-boarding, we can assist you to achieve scale effectively.

Why MNR Solutions for turnkey projects staffing?

Turkey Projects hiring or Project-based recruitment is a hiring strategy suitable manpower for large-scale requirements. Our recruitment consultants have been very successful in recruiting and deploying top talent for quite a few of our client projects.

Besides, we have a large database of prospective candidates and our extensive networking has also been key reasons for our success in turnkey projects staffing.

Our services in turnkey projects staffing

Turnkey projects are time-bound and of vital importance, hence availing timely recruitment assistance and the shortest possible turnaround times is something that most of the clients seek.

Thanks to our highly qualified recruitment consultants who can operate on a fixed project cost model, which is economic and relatively has a lower cost than other recruitment services.

Listed below are a few services we offer to our clients availing our turnkey projects recruitment service:

  • Placement of advertising

Since turnkey projects are time-bound, it is essential to find suitable talent at the shortest turnaround time. To hasten the hiring process, we place ads on behalf of clients on popular recruitment portals, social media and other platforms.

We email or even call candidates (from our internal database) to find out whether they are interested in being part of turnkey projects. Advertisement placement in social media and job portals offers faster response to recruitment promos.

  • Handling calls – Short-listing 

The applied list of candidates will be further interviewed and filtered by our team. We match their qualifications and skill set to check if they comply with client requirements.

  • Interviewing

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed by our team and the client. They will be assigned various psychometric tests and other behavioral assessment to make sure they are the right fit for the turnkey project.

  • Team creation

Upon completion of interview and tests, our team evaluates the results and segregates candidates as per the outcome of the results. We build a team of short-listed candidates and send them to client location for executing the turnkey project.

  • Negotiation and documentation

Lastly, we also take care of the remuneration, negotiation and contract documentation of each candidate. We help you extend the contract or terminate it once the turnkey project is completed.