Solar energy.

Solar energy

According to the 2019 U.S. Energy Employment Report (USEER), more than 6 lakh people worked in zero-emission technology industries, including renewables like solar energy and nuclear in the United States alone. In India, the number peaked at 3 lakhs and currently holds the possibility of more than 4.5 million job avenues in the next couple of years. Jobs in energy efficiency has experienced significant growth and solar energy is one of a leading industry that is accelerating its technological advance in a country like India where sunlight is abundant.

The future is an age where renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, and tidal waves are going to make critical advances for the betterment of mankind. Today, numerous start-ups and SMEs are making some of the most vital technologies to support such advancements and one such area that is experiencing stellar growth is the field of solar power.


With growing technology and better hardware, innovators and engineers around the globe are striving to create a better future by using solar power. This would make the future much more bright, reliable, and hopeful where a sustainable ecosystem creates a harmonious environment for all.

Such efforts require a critical workforce in a workplace that can design efficient solar panels and energy systems. To bridge this technological gap, MNR Solutions are here to provide the right professionals that help in the development of the solar sector.

We also provide ample support and direction to professionals in helping them choose organizations that believe in the future of solar energy. This enables a business to function more efficiently when passionate people come together to create a sustainable future.

Since the advancement in solar power is gaining momentum, MNR Solutions also provides valuable insights, consultations, and guidance to numerous professionals through programs to develop skillsets essential for engineers and energy experts.

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