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Privately held Human Capital Solutions Company specializing in
Global Executive Search and Selection, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and
HR Consulting across industries.

Our Mission To achieve a Preferred Partner Status with our clients.

  • About MNR Solutions

    MNR is a premier staffing & recruitment solution company known for “definite results”. We improve the overall productivity of companies by sourcing the right candidate through our professional search process at lowest turn around time. Over the years we have helped many companies from leading global corporations to small startups in finding right talent.
    What is the process of HR consulting in MNR Solutions?
    The only way you can reduce employee attrition and increase employee engagement rate at your workplace is by seeking advice from experienced HR consultants. Their strategic hiring and talent mapping activities can guide your company from making the wrong choices in recruitment.
    HR consulting ensures that a company’s manpower serves the best interest of the business. By developing a robust Human Resources (HR) model in tandem with a company’s long-term recruitment policies, HR consultants work to make sure that an organization’s workforce is competitive and operating at a high level of productivity.
    The process of HR Consulting
    “Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth” – as the management saying goes – this implies that having exceptional and engaging talent in any company is critical to achieving long-term business success.
    At MNR Solutions, HR consulting is a comprehensive process where our specialists possess an in-depth understanding of everything, right from labor laws to HR management to diversity hiring and beyond.

  • Our bouquet of services covers:

    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    • Permanent Staffing
    • Executive Search Assignments
    • International Hiring
    • Contract Hiring
  • Riding the waves of technologies,

    We have empowered our organization by the latest
    technologies like Perzue for streamlining the HR processes. We have also invested in a few more
    product lines like Talentiser Lab — Jobick to ease the process of hiring. We go beyond in
    understanding clients and their goals, in analyzing their processes and in making the right set of
    insightful recommendations. We operate with candour and transparency because this
    establishes trust and trust is a vital part of the interactions.

  • From a startup to a leading HR solutions provider,

    MNR has made giant leaps and this is due not
    only because we have the finest, experienced professionals with industry-wide experience

    But also because of our top of the line IT infrastructure and extensive, up to date databank.

    If interests of companies wishing to get the right asset are foremost so is safeguarding interests of job-seekers.

  • What We Believe

    We sincerely believe we make a difference to our clients’ HR processes. That we have managed
    to retain hundreds of leading organizations as our continuing clients is testimony to our ethical,
    professional HR services.

  • Our Services

    We provide strategic HR services that are of importance to larger organizational operations. Our all-inclusive HR consulting services involve:
    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
    In this day and age, the hiring scenario is rather very complex. To efficiently recruit the best talent, you will need to find your way through the tight labor market – become an expert in a set of relevant technologies and learn people skills to interact with potential candidates.
    At MNR Solutions, our RPO consultants make sure they source, interview and onboard the right talent for a company. They know how to scan the volatile recruiting environment, stay updated with contemporary recruiting technology and have the right resources to increase recruiting capacity to meet the demands of our clients.
    Talent Mapping Services
    To remain ahead of the current competition, a company must look for niche and reliable talent. But where can a company find niche talent? This is where MNR’s talent mapping service comes into the picture.
    Our HR consultants are experts in mapping talent for a specific niche skill. We help our clients get the best talent through passive hiring strategies. Alongside sourcing candidates from job portals, our HR consultants have the ability and a compelling approach to poaching the best niche talent who is not actively looking for a job change.
    Management Consulting Services
    Dealing with the growing attrition rate and lack of employee engagement are a few challenges that every company faces. Poor work-life balance and lack of coordination trigger such issues in most companies.
    HR consultants help companies overcome these challenges by providing training to the HR department in performance management, sourcing, benefits, communication and people skills.

    At MNR Solutions, our HR consultants assist clients by:
    o Advising the management on HR policies and hiring procedures
    o Evaluating current hiring practices and offering solutions
    o Designing, revising and executing HR policies and procedures
    o Making sure HR procedures comply with certified policies and the law
    o Developing and maintaining reports related to particular hiring projects
    o Performing internal audits of HR practices to make sure they are compliance with the law and certified policies
    o Providing training sessions associated with particular HR programs.
    Keeping abreast of the changes as well as the latest trends in the Human Resource Industry, we
    empower our clients with the right candidates at the right job. We offer virtually all services in
    the HR vertical comprising of staffing, temporary and contracted employees, recruitment
    process outsourcing, HR process and strategic policy framing, executive search and
    psychometrics as well as background checks. Our services are modular and affordable. Opt for
    what you want from our packages or ask us for a custom solution for your HR needs. From local
    to global, our HR services are customer friendly. You will find us responsive, professional,
    friendly, result oriented and dedicated to giving value added services.

MNR Solutions is the modern IT powered human resources

services organization geared to fill in gaps and provide insightful consultancy on everything related to this vital aspect of businesses.