Contract Staffing

Is contract staffing a reliable option for the current employment scenario?

It goes without saying that many businesses are successful only because of their highly talented and engaging workforce. The term ‘workforce’ in this context need not necessarily mean those who are on the company’s payroll. There is a distinct concept that seems to be deliberated these days and it is called contract staffing.

Of late, the concept of contract staffing has been gravely discussed in the Indian hiring scenario. Needless to say, businesses across the country and even the globe have opted for contract staffing as the only alternative to reduce hiring costs.

Simply put, contract staffing is for those organizations that are not entirely open to the idea of permanent recruitment since many companies don’t have the financial resources for the same.

Although a company might have enough employees to run the business, a need definitely arises to hire niche resources for a crucial project or time period. Either way, contract staffing is the best possible option since this hiring practice opens up new avenues for businesses.

Objectives of contract staffing

At first, contract staffing might seem quite complex in comparison to permanent hiring. But contract staffing has its own goals and outcomes that have far-reaching implications over permanent staffing.

The short term goal of contract staffing is to help companies avail the desired talent immediately for any critical turnkey project.

Meanwhile, the long-term goals of contract staffing are to foster the in-house recruitment cycle and to reduce company costs by allocating resources for a designated time period.

The process of contract staffing at MNR Solution

Unlike permanent staffing, the hiring process for contract staffing is simpler and requires little effort to generate a database of qualified candidates. Here are the steps involved in MNR Solution’s contract staffing process:

  • Determining current market demand and categorizing talent pool

With the help of talent mapping and research, we can determine the demand for current talent in the market. Accordingly, we tap candidates and segregate them into different categories. For instance, if the demand for IT skills is more, we look for candidates who are expert in all IT skills (Pega, Murex, Android, Tableau etc.) and then categorize them into different groups for easy deployment.

  • Understanding client requirements

The next step in our contract staffing process would be to understand the client requirements clearly. Our contract staffing consultants would require details about the project, duration of the project, candidate preference and skill required to execute the project. Furnishing the right details will help our consultants prepare the job description and even convince candidates to pursue the company.

  • Sending profiles of suitable talent to client

Since we already have a list of candidates willing to be contract employees, it would not be difficult at all to deploy them for a particular project. However, before sending profiles to the client, our consultants carefully check the details of candidates; interview them to avoid any misunderstandings or issues.

  • Preparing contracts and extending an offer to selected candidates

Once the client agrees with the list of candidates sent, our contract staffing consultants prepare the contract/agreement letter between us and the candidates. Some of the crucial contracts include payroll on behalf of MNR Solutions, No Objection Certificate (NOC), and offer letter.

We also brief selected contract about their work and projects they are supposed to do and if required, we also offer training to selected candidates.

  • Follow-up

This is the final step in our contract staffing process. We do a monthly follow-up with both our clients and candidates who joined the company. We make sure no grievances are raised from either of the parties.

At the end of their employment term, our client is free to renew the contract, absorb them in the company or simply relieve them from their duties. 

Short-term solutions for long-term goals 

  • In today’s business environment, a variety of staffing solutions relied on other organizations to meet their growing needs. Cyclical growth often depends on the staff workforce. Recruiting smart people with complementary skill sets help organization to tackle up’s and down in a different situation. We have the ability to contract a range of professionals and offer you proficient staffing We help you save time. we convinced that nothing is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.
  • Whatever your current needs, we’ve got the ability and capacity to take the challenge. We have access to highly skilled professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines – IT, Telecom, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, production/manufacturing, IT Hardware and Networking are a few of the industries we specialize in. You may have a complex or multiple staffing need. We assemble entire teams to tackle the assignment as per your need.
  • We welcome the opportunity to explain how MNR contract staffing services work and to determine how we customize a solution to meet your specific needs.