Big Data Scientist Skills In India

Big Data Scientist Skills In India


   Big Data Scientist Skills Demand in India


In 2018 the industry is expected to add between 180,000 and 200,000 new jobs, mostly likely to be big data scientist skills.This includes both large services companies as well as startups.A bulk of the demand in India for big data scientist skills and machine learning engineers is being generated by R&D centers of large global corporations less than 2% of professionals who call themselves data scientists or data engineers have a Ph.D in AI-related technologies and just 4% AI professionals have worked on areas such as deep learning and big data scientist skills in India.

Most R&D and service companies will require professionals skilled in machine learning (getting computers to perform tasks), deep learning (analyzing unstructured data), or natural language processing (using computation to analyses human languages). Hence demand of big data scientist skills in India is booming like never before.Indian internet companies that have been around for some years have gathered massive consumer data and now they plan to start mining it to their advantage. Like AI for India initiative, food-tech startups it has collected to make deliveries more efficient.Newer areas such as pharmacy analytics – a combination of healthcare and analytics – would also throw up jobs for Big data scientist skills in India. For an experienced data scientist, even with just a couple of years of experience, there are many opportunities in the market, even for freshers in the field, the future is way brighter than what a Java-trained engineer would have.Machine learning,  data analytics and data scientist skills in India are the most popular searches on various job portals and social sites as per research of MNR Solutions, India’s top executive search firm.Our Mission To achieve a Preferred Partner Status with our clients.

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